Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kayaking in Haleiwa

Because Rob was leaving, we wanted to spend some extra time with him and so on the 28th of June we went kayaking up at Haleiwa. He met us up there with his friend Jessie (Shelley Watts' sister). We went into Surf 'n' Sea to rent kayaks. A kid offered to help us, but we ended up waiting forever, only to find out that he didn't even go to help us. He was just in another part of the store doing other stuff. Anyway, we rented 2 double kayaks and went up the river to play on the random rope swings that are hanging from different trees up there. It was all fun and games...and then Jessie dropped our underwater camera in the water.

It sunk immediately to bottom of the river. We dove repeatedly but without goggles, it was impossible to see anything. I found it hard diving that deep and holding my breath long enough to feel along the bottom of the river to search for it. We decided to go for help....Rob paddled back to the car to get snorkel gear and Liane and I paddled back to Surf 'n' Sea to see if Jess Sarsfield was working or see if i could get some scuba gear (without my certification proof). I failed, but as Liane and I were getting close to where we had left Jessie and Rob, we heard a scream, "WE FOUND THE CAMERA!!!!!!" Rob had found it!! We were over the moon! We played a little more till Jessie forgot to let go of the rope and almost swung into a rock wall, cutting her finger open. We ate lunch at some Grass Skirt place in Haleiwa and then went with Rob to see Manoa Falls.


Moni said...

so i just checked your blog. and nothing.. hmm i thought we had a talk about this.
I loved seeing you guys and realized we didn't take a picture! darnnn